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The Cat Friendly Hospital Ward

In this 35 min live recorded lecture, Martha Cannon from Oxford Cat Clinic discusses the psychology of cats in the Practice and how to use this knowledge to make the hospital ward as cat friendly as possible. This video was taken from a 6 hours series on the Inappetent Cat, available to view on Vet-eCPD

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  • 12th September - Top Award Given to British Vet for Discovery of Propofol

    Scottish Veterinary Surgeon, John Glen has been given the Lasker Award- America’s top biomedical research prize, for his discovery of Propofol. John spent 13 years developing the breakthrough anaesthesia, which is now one of the most widely used anaesthetic agents in over 90 countries. Read the full article HERE.  

  • 4th September - *Pets in the Press* Third of Puppies Bought Online Dead or Ill Within a Year

    Several news outlets have reported on the Kennel Club’s finding that a third of puppies bought over the internet become unwell and even die within a year of having been purchased. Their report has found that of the eight million dogs in the UK, more than 630,000 were ordered online and delivered to people’s homes. […]

  • 28th August - First Report of Congenital Platelet Disorder in Cats

    Vets at UC Davis have diagnosed the first reported case of a cat with a congenital platelet disorder – Glanzmann thrombasthenia (GT). Miao Miao, a four-year-old male domestic shorthair, was brought to the veterinary hospital with clinical signs consistent with a bleeding disorder. GT causes Miao Miao’s platelets to be nonfunctional and lack expression of the […]

  • 22nd August - RCVS Launches Case Studies to Boost Understanding of Schedule 3 Delegation

    Vets and vet nurses seeking clarification around Schedule 3 can now access a host of case studies via the RCVS website. The college added the studies to its website following a consultation last year highlighting some confusion existed among vets and VNs around Schedule 3 of the Veterinary Surgeons’ Act, which covers what vets can […]

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