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The Cat Friendly Hospital Ward

In this 35 min live recorded lecture, Martha Cannon from Oxford Cat Clinic discusses the psychology of cats in the Practice and how to use this knowledge to make the hospital ward as cat friendly as possible. This video was taken from a 6 hours series on the Inappetent Cat, available to view on Vet-eCPD

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  • 21st March - Toxic Blue-Green Algae Found at Virginia Water Lake in Surrey

    Dog walkers have been warned not to allow their dogs to drink or enter the lake at Virginia Water after blue-green algae was found there, this includes the Obelisk Pond, Virginia Water Lake and Wick Pond. The Environment Agency say that blue-green algae or Cyanobacteria, a type of blooming algae which occurs naturally in water, […]

  • 14th March - Request for samples by the Oncology Research Group at the Animal Health Trust

    The Oncology Research Group at the Animal Health Trust are currently researching many of the common canine and feline cancers seen in practice with the aim of helping veterinary surgeons to better diagnose and treat these tumours. In order to carry out this vital work they rely on obtaining samples sent in by veterinary surgeons […]

  • 7th March - Toxocara in Cats and it’s Role in Human Toxocarosis

    Ian Wright BVMS MSc MRCVS and head of the European scientific Counsel of companion animal parasites (ESCCAP UK & Ireland), has written an interesting article for the Vet Times entitled, ‘Fighting Feline Worms’ covering the life cycle and transmission of Toxocara in cats and also the zoonotic transmission and control of human toxocarosis. View the full […]

  • 27th February - Product Recall on Propofol!

    The Veterinary Medicines Directorate have issued a product defect recall alert on all batches of Propofol Emulsion for Injection 1.0% manufactured by Norbrook Laboratories LTD (Inductofol, Vetofol and Norofol). Further information can be found here

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