The Inappetant Cat

Course Date:
Tuesday 6th November 2018
Course Time:
10.00am - 5.30pm
Available Spaces:
£295.00 + VAT
Manor Place,
204 Manor Place,
London. SE17 3BN

Poor appetite is a common presenting condition in cats, with a wide range of potential underlying causes, some easier to identify than others.

This course reviews some of the common but less easily diagnosed causes of inappetence in cats. We will look at the management of chronic diseases that affect appetite, including gastrointestinal disease, chronic kidney disease, pancreatitis and neoplasia. While also covering effective practical techniques, tips and tricks that will allow you to provide these cases with improved nutrition thus improved outcomes.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Identifying the underlying cause of inappetence – recognising nausea, pancreatitis and pain in sick cats
  • Medical management of nausea and inappetence in cats
  • Practical techniques for placing and using feeding tubes
  • Management of feline chronic diseases – including GI disease, chronic kidney disease and neoplasia

Feline Medicine

Some feedback about this course...

"Really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. Great day. Martha was a really excellent speaker and very knowledgeable."- March 2017
"Good tips which should be easy to intorduce to the practice. logical progression through the day. Interesting, approachable and practical lecturer. Clear slides and presentation. I stayed awake after lunch!!!"- March 2017