Inspired by one of our lecturers?

Posted 11 hours ago

We would like to nominate one (or more!) of our lecturers as part of this year’s RCVS Annual Awards. As well as the established Queen’s Medal and Golden Jubilee Award, 2017 sees the creation of two new awards: the RVCS Inspiration Award and the RCVS Impact Award. Have you been particularly inspired by one of…

2017 Vet Wellbeing Awards Launched

Posted 1 week ago

This autumn sees the return of the 2017 Vet Wellbeing Awards. The Awards, now in their second year, were created by SPVS in order to highlight and celebrate the significance of wellbeing in vet practices and are now run in partnership with the RCVS Mind Matters Initiative. The Awards are open to UK veterinary practices,…

United Kingdom Declared Free of Avian Flu

Posted 1 week ago

Yesterday the United Kingdom was officially declared free of Avian Flu. Thirteen cases of H5N8 Avian Flu were confirmed in farmed poultry in the UK in the last 9 months as well as the cases found in wild birds. However farmers are still being advised to take the necessary steps to protect their flocks due…

Dog Breeding Defects a High Concern for Vets

Posted 2 weeks ago

Vets are encouraging all prospective dog owners to think twice before buying a puppy, after breeding and hereditary defects emerged as vets’ top animal health and welfare concern. 52% of almost 700 vets polled across the UK cited the issue as more than doubling in the past two years, according to figures from the British…

New Client Brochures Available for Feline Vets

Posted 1 month ago

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) have released two new client brochures, sponsored by Zoetis and Boehringer Ingleheim; How Do I know if my Cat is in Pain and Degenerative Joint Disease. Both leaflets contain information aimed at helping cat owners detect signs of pain, manage degenerative joint disease pain and monitor and improve their cat’s quality of…

Dogs Trust Plea For Help In Fight Against Puppy Smuggling

Posted 2 months ago

With an increasing demand for ‘designer puppies’ in the UK there has been an increase in the number of puppies being smuggled into the UK, sometimes when just a few weeks old. Dogs Trust latest investigations have come up with some shocking findings on the scale of the problem and they are now asking for…

BVA Issues CPR Advice To Owners

Posted 2 months ago

Following on from a video of celebrity Jodie Marsh resuscitating her bulldog after he collapsed, the BVA have issued the ‘ABC Resuscitation Method’ advice to dog owners, for them to give only in an emergency until veterinary assistance can be given. The video, which has gone viral, shows just how severe BOAS (brachycephalic obstructive airway…

Join in SPANA’s Charity Tea Party!

Posted 2 months ago

Saturday 8th July is The SPANA World Tea Party day! Animal owners and lovers are being encouraged to get baking and host a Great British Afternoon Tea Party to help raise money to provide free veterinary treatment for sick and injured animals working in developing countries. SPANA’s mission is to improve the the welfare of…

FREE Veterinary Business and Management Workshop

Posted 2 months ago

We are pleased to partner with HR and Health and Safety experts Citation to offer an afternoon workshop for veterinary surgeons, practice managers and owners. Citation support veterinary businesses on a daily basis and have compacted two great speakers and useful content into a short session that will leave you with the tools to: -Understand…

It’s Rabbit Awareness Week!

Posted 3 months ago

Show your support for Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) 17th- 25th June to help improve rabbit welfare. Burgess Pet Care launched the RAW campaign 11 years ago with the support of charities and partners, to encourage vets and retailers to raise awareness of rabbit welfare. By educating rabbit owners their aim is to help make all pet…

Severe Parvovirus Strain Outbreak in Hampstead!

Posted 3 months ago

A highly virulent strain of Parvovirus has been found near a popular dog walking area in Hampstead. Three cases were seen at Village Vet’s Hampstead Hospital in London all in the same week. Dog owners are being encouraged to ensure parvovirus vaccinations are fully up to date for their pets especially in the older, more…

Get Ready for VET Festival!

Posted 3 months ago

Dig out your wellies and come say hi to us on Stand ST30B at Vet Festival this Friday 9th and Saturday 10th June! We are excited to see you all there and we will be getting into the festival spirit with face-paints for everyone too! For more information about Vet Festival and to book tickets…

Cats help reduce Exam Stress

Posted 4 months ago

A survey undertaken by Cats Protection League found that 67% of teenagers agreed that their cat helped them cope with difficult situations, with 72% saying their stress was exam-related. The survey of 1,000 respondents also assessed how much the teenagers depended on their cat for emotional support. 72% said that their cat was more likely…

Owners of German Shepherd Dogs Needed for Idiopathic Epilepsy Study

Posted 4 months ago

The Animal Health Trust are asking owners of German Shepherd Dogs to complete a short online questionnaire so they can gather data for their study into the prevalence and clinical character of idiopathic epilepsy in this breed. Their aim is to be able to provide breeders with more information to enable prevention of the disease.…

New BSAVA President Voted In!

Posted 4 months ago

Huge congratulations to one of our brilliant lecturers, John Chitty, who has been welcomed in as BSAVA’s new president after the mantel was passed on by Susan Dawson at the BSAVA Congress AGM. John aims to build firm foundations for the future of veterinary science, with a vision of holistic support for the whole profession to…

It’s Tick Awareness Month!

Posted 4 months ago

Tick Awareness Month in May aims to raise awareness in dog owners and walkers about the threat of ticks and tick-borne diseases and give information on prevention and treatment to protect dogs, cats and owners from the risk of these diseases. The Big Tick Project, formed by MSD Animal Health and the University of Bristol is…

Photography Competition!

Posted 5 months ago

International Cat Care are searching for images of street cats to help raise awareness and bring a change to their plight. They are looking for beautiful, unique photographs that truly capture the character of these cats, showing the reality of them living without owners and their life on the streets. The chosen 12 images will…

It’s National Pet Month!

Posted 5 months ago

Raising awareness of responsible pet ownership, National Pet Month which runs from 1st April- 1st May, invites you to get involved and help spread the word on promoting responsible pet care and increasing public awareness of pet care specialists. To get involved Click Here  

CBeebies Calling!

Posted 5 months ago

CBeebies are looking for children 4-7 years old that have a pet currently requiring veterinary treatment to appear in their new show ‘Ferne and Rory’s Vet Tales’. So if you have any budding actors or actresses at home who have a close bond with an animal currently requiring veterinary treatment or care please visit the…

Toxic Blue-Green Algae Found at Virginia Water Lake in Surrey

Posted 6 months ago

Dog walkers have been warned not to allow their dogs to drink or enter the lake at Virginia Water after blue-green algae was found there, this includes the Obelisk Pond, Virginia Water Lake and Wick Pond. The Environment Agency say that blue-green algae or Cyanobacteria, a type of blooming algae which occurs naturally in water,…

Request for samples by the Oncology Research Group at the Animal Health Trust

Posted 6 months ago

The Oncology Research Group at the Animal Health Trust are currently researching many of the common canine and feline cancers seen in practice with the aim of helping veterinary surgeons to better diagnose and treat these tumours. In order to carry out this vital work they rely on obtaining samples sent in by veterinary surgeons…

Toxocara in Cats and it’s Role in Human Toxocarosis

Posted 6 months ago

Ian Wright BVMS MSc MRCVS and head of the European scientific Counsel of companion animal parasites (ESCCAP UK & Ireland), has written an interesting article for the Vet Times entitled, ‘Fighting Feline Worms’ covering the life cycle and transmission of Toxocara in cats and also the zoonotic transmission and control of human toxocarosis. View the full…

Product Recall on Propofol!

Posted 6 months ago

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate have issued a product defect recall alert on all batches of Propofol Emulsion for Injection 1.0% manufactured by Norbrook Laboratories LTD (Inductofol, Vetofol and Norofol). Further information can be found here

Avian Influenza Confirmed in Northumberland!

Posted 7 months ago

Defra has confirmed an outbreak of avian influenza H5N8 in a flock of chickens in Northumberland and are investigating the source of the infection. Protection measures have been put in place to limit the risk of spread of the infection.  

French Bulldogs To Become More Popular Than Labradors!

Posted 7 months ago

Following the latest celebrity craze, the French Bulldog is set to become the UK’s most popular breed by the end of 2018! The latest Kennel Club registration figures show French Bulldogs are now in third place after Labrador Retrievers and Cocker Spaniels and there is a concern that the rising popularity is due to celebrity…

New Tougher Breeding Rules to Help Protect Puppies from “Backstreet Breeders”

Posted 7 months ago

New legislation across the UK will make it a legal requirement for anyone selling three or more litters of puppies a year to obtain a license. The regulations are part of a crack down on ‘back-street’ breeders and will be specifically targeting the online selling of puppies. The new rules will mean that puppies will…

Research shows Cats may be as Smart as Dogs!

Posted 7 months ago

Japanese scientists carried out a study involving 49 domestic cats, the results of which, show felines can recall memories of pleasant experiences, such as eating a favourite snack. Cats can also match dogs on various mental tests, including responding to human gestures, facial expressions and emotions. The research may imply cats have ‘episodic memory’ similar to…

Avian Flu Prevention Zone Extended

Posted 8 months ago

The 30 day prevention zone that was declared on 6th December has been extended until 28th February. Since the implementation of the prevention zone the avian influenza H5N8 has been found at a turkey farm in Lincolnshire, in a wild duck in Llanelli and most recently in backyard chickens and ducks at a premises in…

CRGV Update- Canine cases with skin lesions required by Anderson Moores

Posted 1 year ago

CRGV Update- Canine cases with skin lesions required by Anderson Moores Anderson Moores and the RVC are working together to offer vets free GFR measurements for canine cases with skin lesions of unknown aetiology in an attempt to help with early diagnosis and management of any CRGV cases. Contact Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists (01962 767920)…

Love to learn and learn to love….

Posted 1 year ago

I was recently asked to write an article for the London Vet Show promotional material, on how to make the most of all the CPD on offer over their 2 day programme, and I think the advice I gave can be applied to any CPD whether it is online, an attendance course or self learning….…