Common Medical Problems In The Older Dog

Course Date:
Friday 1st March 2019
Course Time:
10.00am - 5.30pm
Available Spaces:
£295.00 + VAT
The Clinical Skills Lab Manor Place,
204a Manor Place,
London. SE17 3BN

While age is not a disease, many diseases are seen more commonly in aged patients.  The UK’s canine population is reported to be ageing, and senior patients are a very important part of small animal practice.  Do your practice offer senior health checks?  Should we health screen older patients routinely?  This day of lectures will look at approaches to common presentations such as weight loss and coughing, and discuss in more detail some of the diseases seen more frequently in the older dog: USMI, geriatric-onset laryngeal polyneuropathy and old dog vestibular syndrome.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Blood work abnormalities; when to worry…..
  • Approach to weight loss in the older dog
  • Approach to coughing in the older dog, with focus on chronic bronchial disease and laryngeal paralysis
  • Hypothyroidism & Cushings syndrome
  • Peeing problems: Chronic kidney disease, prostate disease and urinary incontinence
  • Old dog vestibular syndrome


Some feedback about this course...

"Fiona was excellent, made the information easy to understand and the content was up to date. All excellent, would not change a thing!"- Endocrinology Course- May 2018
"Very knowledgeable, easy to understand and approachable. An excellent course."- Medical Problem Solving- October 2017
" Excellent presentation and very thorough. Fiona was well prepared with broad experience"- Respiratory Emergencies- March 2017